How To Make A Folder

Welcome to Chapter 4


In this lesson you will learn how to make a folder on your computer. To most people this is quite an easy task to accomplish but Xcite Advertising will go through some basic tips to making a folder. All photos in this lesson are an example and may look different on your device you are using.


What is a Folder?

A folder is a location on your PC, laptop or computer where you can store your files or in this case your photographs. You can create many folders and even store folders inside other folders. The reason for making different folders is to keep all of your work in order and organized. You will easily be able to find the photographs that you take at your Dealership by using the simple tips below.


Here are some basic steps on how to make a new folder:

First you need to choose where you want to store the folder for the Dealership photographs. Xcite likes to make a folder on the Desktop screen for easy accessibility, but you can also use Documents to store this new folder.

Once you have selected the location where you want to make this new folder, (for example the Desktop) right click a blank area on the screen and a popup box will appear like the photo below shows.

Look down the list for the word "new" and select this option

Then once you have selected this, another small pop up box will appear like in the photo below shows.

Select the word "folder". This will create a new folder.

Then once the folder has been made there will be the option to change the name of this new folder.


Type the name of your company or Dealership that you are working for into the highlighted box. For example, you could name your folder Xcite™ or Xcite™ Photos.


Once you have typed the name press enter to confirm the name. Then the new folder that you just made will appear in the specified location

Your folder should look something like the picture above once completed.


Now once this is completed left click twice on that new folder you made. This will open the folder. Once inside you can add sub folders the same way. These sub folders will also help in keeping your work organized and you will be able to find your photos easily.


Xcite™ Advertising likes to name these sub folders the dates that you visit the Dealership to take photographs. That way at the end of the day you save the photographs in a new folder with the date that those photos were taken.


The reason for this is if the Dealership deletes the photographs and they need to be re uploaded, then you can locate that vehicle and its photographs inside a certain folder, otherwise if you don't save the photographs you will have to re shoot the vehicle, taking the pictures all over again.

Here is an example of what the inside of your folder should look like:

Now that you can easily save your photographs in an orderly way you can proceed to the next lesson.